Thursday, March 19, 2009

Because there is nobody like her...

...She is the one that I can vent to when I'm mad no matter what time of day or night
...She is the one I can cry to when I'm sad and I know she will make me laugh again
...She is the one that makes each story from my past a little better, a little funnier, a little sweeter, and sometimes even a little magical.
...her name is Brandi... like the drink :)

...Sometimes we would stay up and talk about nonsense stuff
...sometimes we would create funny sayings of the week
like: You make my butt twitch (you should see the reactions you get with this saying)
...sometimes we would pretend to be chef's (who would have thought the more sweets you add together the less flavor you would get)
...sometimes we would do photo shoots (like the picture above taken by me)
...and maybe just sometimes we would dance around in our underwear and sing at the top of our lungs.

I have been blessed! Seriously this has to be the funniest and craziest girl I have ever met!
O the things we have done and the stories I could tell.
maybe one day I will share them with you but this post is just a shout out to a good friend because i miss her.

Since I moved to Nashville back in Oct. its been hard not having her right down the street for when I need a little girl time. Like yesterday, I was having a really rough day and all I could think about is if I was back in Kentucky I could just drive to her and she would make me laugh again. And I know today we have all this technology like emails, and text, and even phone calls but sometimes those things just don't cut it. Sometimes you just need that person around to give you a hug and let you know everything will be fine.

...well I guess she was feeling the same way yesterday because she called me (we are connected souls like that) unfortunately I missed the call but she left a voicemail saying she would try again today... which she did and after our 2hr phone conversation about nothing but random stuff, i feel so much better like nothing can bring me down.

So the point of this post is to say thank you to a very dear friend of mine
Brandi... because there is nobody like her

(photos taken by me)

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