Thursday, March 26, 2009

Way cooler then Santa Claus...

(Nick and Guitar hero doing the rock star hand sign)

That's right ladies and gentlemen, apparently guitar hero's are
way cooler then Santa Claus!
This is Nick (in the green) and he just loves
Guitar Hero.

Guitar hero and him have been talking on the phone a lot lately
(which I love my guitar hero for this because he just met this little boy a few months ago
through my family)
and they talk about all kinds of stuff
from girlfriends (remind you this kid is only 4)
to video games, and being on the road, and
lots more that only rock stars
can know about (that's what Nick says)

But the best part about it is that Nick shared with his friends
at school that he is friends with a rock star
and they didn't believe him
so like any little young boy would do
he got mad and told them that it's true and they
couldn't be friends with a rock star only he could
(Don't kids just say the funniest things?)
so my sweet, sweet guitar hero
gave Nick a pick (with his autograph) and was nice
enough to take a picture with him
so he could show his friends at school.

O, and Nick just discovered Guitar Hero on YouTube
so he can watch him whenever he is on
the road and now
he wants to be a guitar hero too!!!

Santa Claus who?

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