Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I have road rage!

It's true!
I have very bad road rage...
and while driving to the city today I felt like pulling my hair out.
and just before I started screaming and yelling at the truck in front of me
I heard something...

It was Guitar hero's song on the radio!
and in that moment I went from raging mad to giddy and calm.
see not only is Guitar hero an amazing guitar player
he also co-wrote a very famous country song!
and I'm so glad he did because his song always seems to come on at the perfect time.
Rather its when I feel like honking my horn, or I'm missing him madly because he is on the road.
I can always have a piece of him with me when I turn on the radio to keep me smiling.
So, thank you radio stations for playing his song!

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