Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The pros and cons to dating a REAL LIFE Guitar Hero...

Sure it may seem glamorous but trust me
there are down sides to it...
... but first we will start out with the Pros
  • being serenaded by the guitar is amazing
  • being able to go home with him after watching girls scream over him
  • hearing a song I like and him being able to learn it for me
  • being able to visit him on the road and see new towns (aka lots of traveling)
  • being able to go backstage a the Grand Ole Opry and watch him play
  • having him all winter (probably my favorite part about it)
  • free guitar lessons
  • never a dull moment
  • being gone a lot he likes to make it up by doing fun things when he is home

There is probably more pros I'm leaving out but you get the idea

Now for the cons...

  • Him being on the road a lot
  • Not being able to make long term plans... like vacations
  • A lot of our time is spent over the phone
  • when he is home he is still working (fixing guitars, learning new songs)
  • being tired when he is off the road
  • last minute concerts he has to leave for
  • adjusting back to normal sleep schedule
  • and not being able to kiss every night before bed
Now you have a little insight why I love it when he is home and sad when he is gone.
But as much as I may whine about him being gone I couldn't be more happy for him and what he does. He loves his job and I love it too. I mean if he wasn't a guitar hero we would have never met .... now that's a scary thought.

P.S. go pick up this CD and while your at if you have not picked up this CD
you should buy it too... because Guitar hero co- wrote this song

(pics were taken by fans)

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