Friday, April 24, 2009

We think we were both born in the wrong era...

Me and Guitar hero went to look for antiques today...
and even though we didn't buy anything to take home
we did find lots of stuff we wouldn't mind owning.
Such as these old records (pictured above)
We love listening to music...
let me rephrase that... we love listening to oldies
like Elvis, Sinatra, and the Beatles
and the best way to do that is with old records (which we have a lot of)
but sadly we are on the hunt for a record player and have not been having any luck.
On the other hand I always seem to find these old cash registers
which I love would love to own but have no use for.
I think I love them because my dad talks about playing as a child
on one just like this at his grandfathers store...
and plus they are just really cool
Maybe, if I talked guitar hero into opening up some kind of shop with me
we could buy one.
hmmm... i like that idea... something to think about.
But the best part of our antiquing adventure today
was these old statues of some sort.
Seriously, who would buy these and what for?
I didn't even bother asking the price on them
because even if I could afford them (which I highly doubt)
where would I put it? what would I do with it? how would I get it home?
Geez... some of the weird things people sell and buy.

Until next time I guess we are still on the hunt for these things...

  • record player
  • rustic coffee table
  • old farm wood dining room table
  • Victorian couch (so we can do this)
  • typewriter
  • vintage suitcases
  • and old hardback books

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