Thursday, May 14, 2009

Because he loves me...

An hour ago I thought my life had fallen apart.
I had gotten news that Guitar hero's plane had been cancelled
due to bad weather
and they were going to have to stay another night
and then fly out tomorrow to Ohio for there next concert.

My heart was crushed knowing I wasn't going to get to see him.
there might have even been a few tears after I got the news...
OK, OK a lot of tears.

But leave it to my man to find a way!
The other guys had just given up hope on coming home for the night..
but not guitar hero!
he was determined to make it home to me.
He was about to book a flight from Dallas, to NC, to Nashville just to get to me
but he found a flight from Dallas to Nashville
granted he wont arrive till 7 tonight
and that only leaves us 3 hours till he buses out again
but he is still coming home to be me with!

I know, I know, I am very lucky!
Could anyone ask for a better man!

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