Saturday, May 2, 2009

I turned over reaching for you in the bed... and you weren't there.

It has been many days
since I have seen guitar hero
and sadly I still have a few more to go
and even then I only have one day with him before he leaves
for 12 more days.

...So, while he is away
I can't help but think of the things I so badly take
for granted when he is here.

such as..

Forehead Kisses - I love when he leans over to give me a kiss on the forehead. He does it with such tenderness, care, and affection that my toes begin to curl.

Cuddling - When we first go to bed and cuddle up to each other and I lay my head on his chest and listen to his heart beat. Then somewhere in the night we end up on our own sides of the bed but when morning comes he ALWAYS pulls me closer letting me know he wants me beside every time we start a new day.

Music - When he is home I get the pleasure of listening to him play his guitar and it's a sound I have gotten so use to hearing while I am on my computer or cooking dinner in the kitchen and it's just not the same putting in a c.d. anymore.

His gentleman traits - He is very much a gentleman thanks to his mother. He never lets me open my own door. Rather it be a car door, the house door, or a store door he always makes sure that he is there first so I never have to do this.

Hair playing - He knows this is my favorite thing and he always does this at the sweetest time. It usually when we are out at a show downtown, or a party, or just around a lot of people. He always puts his arm around me and plays with my hair making sure everyone knows that we are together and also his way of letting me know he is thinking about me even though he his talking to all his buddies.

Holding hands - When we are in the car he always reaches over and grabs my hand. It's nothing major but it still shows me that he wants to touch me and be around me and that's a good feeling.

I love yous - Sure I hear them on the phone when we hang up every night but there is something so much sweeter about it when he says it in person at random times. He doesn't have to say it at those random times but he wants to anyway because that's how he feels.

Kisses - they are pretty much the same as I love yous. He doesn't have to kiss all the time but he always does and I hope that never stops.

So, there you have it
those are a few of the things
I miss like crazy when he is gone...
but trust me there is so much more!!!

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