Friday, May 15, 2009

Love letter...

My dearest Guitar hero,

I am writing you this letter(blog) because I know I can not send it you because by the time it would arrive you would already be at your next destination. But I have to send you my love some way. So, here it is... I wish so badly that you were here. That I would turn around and you would be there to hug, hold, and kiss me. That when I looked across the kitchen table I would be sharing a meal with you instead of by myself. That when I went to bed tonight you could be the one I was cuddling up to instead of my pillow and that when I heard your voice it would be through the other room and not the phone. But we both know that this job (guitar hero) comes with it's disadvantages like you being gone all the time so instead of being sad lets pretend we are together today.

Lets pretend that today you and I decided to run away. That we hit the open road and found ourselves sitting in a little diner sipping coke from a bottle and gazing into each other eyes. Then we would find a tree in the middle of a field where we could lay in the shade as you play your guitar and I hum a song made just for you and me. Lets pretend that its starts to rain and instead of running for the car to stay dry we play in it as if we are 5 years old again and you kiss me like it's the first kiss ever (you know the kind where you heart beats really, really fast and your body wants to burst with excitement like you can't control any part of yourself) Then after that you would brush my hair back as you take both hands and place them on my face to look into your eyes and whisper those three words I love to hear... I love you! Followed by night of star gazing and cuddling and not worrying about tomorrow. Yes, lets pretend that we aren't hundreds of miles from each other but instead we are hundreds miles away from everyone else.

Your love

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