Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Yep, he is a keeper!

  • He he pays attention and remembers that I like coke in a bottle
  • He brings me home unexpected gifts which makes me very happy
  • He sings to me when I cry
  • He still loves me when I have a Whitneyizm moment
  • He is a hero (aka a guitar hero)
  • He grew out a beard for me and then kept it
  • He does whatever it takes to get home to me after his flight has been cancelled
  • He takes me out on really nice dates
  • He lets me paint and decorate the house anyway (well almost anyway) that I want
  • He does so many sweet little things
  • He takes me to the zoo and antique markets on his off day
  • He makes sure that I am taken care of
  • He always puts the toilet seat back down
  • He puts up with my stubborn moments
  • He will watch Christmas movies with me in the summer and never complains
  • He never gives up on me
  • He is also going to get me this kitten I have been begging for (hint, hint)
  • He is so good to my family and friends
  • He is the one reason I'm am the happiest I have EVER been in my whole life
  • He is the one!!!!

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