Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Are you your mother?

Lately, as I have been getting older
I have noticed I have become my mother in a lot of ways.
The constant need to re-arange furniture,
always having to bring a sweater with me no matter where I go (even in summer)
I catch myself always moving back and forth while standing
which is something my mom ALWAYS does
and then there is the obsessive cleaning...
this is when I knew I had become my mother
I use to be like every other teenager
you know the kind that is always getting yelled at for their room being to messy
then all of a sudden BAM it hits you
I am the one yelling when guitar hero leaves something out.
I guess I have finally become whatever says I would become while growing up
I am my mother.

What about you?
Are you your mother? Or are you more like your dad?
What do you do that's like your parents?

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