Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Houses that inspire me... part 3. Plus very exciting news...

I love Kathleen Kelly's (Meg Ryan's) charming apartment
in the movie you've got mail.
It has such a homey, romantic feel about it.
Don't you agree?
The old wood and rustic tables in every room,
with books and fresh flowers every where you look.
It's definitely an apartment I could live in.
Not to mention her adorable little bookstore.
Who wouldn't want to own
a little shop around the corner?
I would want everything about this movie
that's why it makes it on my list for houses that inspire me
(even though it was more then just the house in this movie)

Now for the exciting news...
This post will be my 99th post which makes my next one the 100th
and I decided to have a guest blogger.

Guess who it is....



... if you guessed guitar hero then your right!
he will be writing the next post for tomorrow.
I am so anxious to see what it's about.
so, be sure to come back tomorrow.

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