Monday, June 1, 2009

Houses that inspire me.

I decided to dedicate a week to all the
movie houses that inspire me
in decorating me and guitar heros house

Starting with the Practical Magic house.
This has to be one of my favorite
houses (and movies) not only is the house beautiful
but where the house sits on a cliff over looking the ocean,
the beautiful small town around it,
even Sally's (Sandra Bullock's) little shop
is so charming.

The thing that amazes me most about this house
is that it was built just for the movie
and after filming Warner Brothers
tried to sale the home but had no buyers
and since it was built on a park land for the movie
they tore it down... so sad.

If you have not seen the movie practical magic
I highly recommend that you do
because if you ask me there is
nothing wrong with eating brownies for breakfast,
dancing under a full moon, midnight margaritas and
sipping tea in the afternoon while playing board games.

p.s. guitar hero has also agreed that we can adopt two baby kittens and
being that this movie has lots of little kittens running around in it
I thought I would share this exciting news.

(All images were found here)

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