Friday, June 26, 2009

I'm a dreamer!

Why can't we...

... dress like this everyday?

I would love to live in a place where women dressed in beautiful dresses everyday, and wear there hair in big curls. Where men wear button down shirts with suspenders and top hats. I would also love to live in a place where we play more and work less and where there are charming cobblestone streets that led to sweet cupcake and coffee/tea shops. Where parties are thrown every week. Where the town is surrounded by beautiful fields and open ponds where you can find yourself quietly reading a hardback book and sitting on a quilt with your loved one eating fruits you picked earlier that morning. Who is with me? lets make this place a reality!!!

I just think it's sad that we now live in a place where everything seems to be rush, rush, rush. Where kids are becoming adults before that are entering schools. Where we never take time to look at whats going on around us. As I get older I get sadder to see the world turn into a race. I want this to be a start for me to begin enjoying the littler things in life. For taking time to myself everyday. For me to try to go back to doing things like the old days. For example... actually sitting down and writing a letters to friends and family. Even if its just a Fathers day card, Birthday card, or a letter to say hi I am thinking of you. That right there is a sweeter gift then a hallmark card or e-mail and it would make me feel better. Also, maybe burning candles more in the evening then using light bulbs. It is more romantic and just gives a more warm feeling. There are just so many things I could do that would make everyday seem so much sweeter and make my life not feel so rushed to get to the finish line.

What do you think? What would you do to make your life feel sweeter and less stressed?

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