Thursday, June 25, 2009

I'm going to be an Aunt!

I just got exciting news that I'm going to be aunt to a baby boy!!!!

I am so excited I know he won't be here for 5 and half more months but I just can't help but get anxious of all the exciting things a new baby is going to bring. Such as...

  • When he says aunt nene for the first time (it's easier then Whitney)
  • seeing his face light up when he sees Santa Claus
  • taking him trick-or-treating
  • throwing him birthday parties
  • reading bed time stories
  • when he first rides a bike without training wheels and is so excited to tell everyone
  • cheering for him at baseball, soccer, or football games
  • watching guitar hero teach him guitar
  • watching his personality grow and becoming who he will be
  • and of course watching my sis become a mother

You would almost think I was becoming a mom but its just because he is the first baby in the family so he will definitely be spoiled!!!

Now that we know it's a boy they are working on names. They are pretty sure they agreed on the name Conner. But 5 months is still awhile away and that could change.

What baby Names do you like?

Me and guitar hero have a few we like IF we ever decided to have children
Lyric - if it's a girl
London - if it's a boy

I also like

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