Monday, August 17, 2009

but he smiled at me whenever he saw me, and we could build a life on that"

I love Mary's words of love. Not only is it simple and sweet it comes from one of my favorite lines from a movie. It is so true that a smile can do so much. Be sure to check Mary out here and here. She takes some beautiful pictures. Thanks Mary for sending this.

have you ever heard the line from the movie miss pettigrew lives for a day that goes "but he smiled at me whenever he saw me, and we could build a life on that" ?? i have this same thought every single day. my Vince makes me feel this way. we've been together for almost 4 years (married for 3 of those 4) and every day he manages to make me weak in my knees with one simple look. one simple smile. and then there are butterflies and music and fireworks and summer breezes and dancing. he smiles at me, with his big blue eyes, and i know he loves me.

he smiles at me all the time. when I'm trying to be funny. when I'm angry. when I'm sleepy. and its that smile that seems to make my life complete and okay. no matter what I'm going through, that smile reassures me that everything will be alright. that life is good. and love is real. every time he does see me, he smiles at me... and we are building on our life on that.

Stay tuned... I hope to post more through out the week.

(image found on le love)

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