Friday, August 14, 2009

Gyspy soul, and love in your own words.

I wait for you at home

as your gypsy soul carries you and your guitar all over this country

it always lonely when you are gone

but I know in my heart it wont be long before your home

no matter how many arena's you play in

no matter how many fans cheer your name

no matter how many spotlights you stand in

your favorite stage to stand on is the one next to me in our home

OK, I know I post a lot about guitar hero and me being in love which most of you seem to enjoy. But I really want to know how you all feel about love in your own words. I will post who's ever touches me the most tomorrow on my blog. E-mail me at for you entries and be sure to link your blog so I can give you credit.

Also, It does not have to be about a boyfriend or husband. Love can be put in so many ways. So have fun with it.

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