Thursday, August 27, 2009

I can see it all with you...

Dearest Guitar Hero,

I seem to have found my life with you. I can see everything that lays ahead and I am so excited to share it with you.

When I was younger I use to dream about growing up to be an adult, playing house with a husband, and sharing my everyday life with that someone special but now I don't have to dream anymore. I found my future, my life to be.

I see the day when I take your last name, how proud I will be to introduce myself as your wife. I see the day when we have our first argument as husband and wife and learning to take the good with the bad... but no worries our goods ALWAYS override our bads. I see the day we find that dream home we keep talking about the one with your dream studio, and my huge kitchen. I know we will find it. As you always say "we just need to be patient and it will happen'. I see the day when we celebrate our first Christmas there and how fun it will be to decorate our very own Christmas tree. How special it will be to have our two families come together and stay with us as we all sit around the dinning room table laughing about life after eating a meal that I hope I cooked and turned out well (thank goodness you let me practice cooking with you... and you always eat it, even seconds)I can see the day we find out we are having a baby and how excited and nervous we will be. As we pray and hope that we are good parents and don't screw up. I see that day we are driving back from the hospital with me in the back seat and you driving our new baby home. I see the nights we will spend awake trying to calm the baby down and mornings we will both try to sneak in a few extra hours rest. I see the day you will start to teach our child to play guitar and how much joy it will bring you to share your passion with your baby. I can even see me (and our child) still crying and missing you like crazy every time you leave for tour .... I know that will never change no matter how many times you leave it will never be something we get over. I see the day our child learns to drive, has a first date (hopefully if we have a girl it won't be with a musician... because I can't see you taking that too well), graduates from high school then collage and us asking ourselves where time went and how it goes by so fast, at least that's what they say. I see us learning to adjust to having the house to ourselves and learning about each other all over again. I see grand babies, and lots of spoiling... on your end (you think you wont spoil but I know you better then you know yourself sometimes). I see us celebrating our 50's years together and reminiscing about how wonderful our life is and was and how we never went a day without loving each other.

How beautiful our life will be... I can really see it all... all with you.

the women you will grow old with... your princess.

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