Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Things that I hope will never change.

I hope you go to bed and wake up always wanting to talk to me.

I hope I continue to always get butterflies in my stomach when you return home to me.

I hope you still like giving me forehead kisses when you want to show you care.

I hope that you still try to hold me when I am mad and pull away (eventually, I always hold back)

I hope my heart always sinks when you kiss me.

I hope you never stop lighting up when you talk about me and I never stop smiling when I think of you.

I hope we never get tired of texting each other all the time and asking how each day is going.

I hope we both continue going out with each other for the small things. Like grocery shopping, or getting the oil changed in the cars.

I hope we both always feel like there is a piece of us missing when we apart.

I also, hope fall gets here faster.
You being away on tour all summer is very sad.
but I am still waiting, missing, and hoping for when you come home to me.

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