Friday, September 25, 2009

barcelona inspiration

I finally watched Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona last night
and might I just say... breathtaking!
The locations in the movie, the talk of art, and music
just all of it was so beautiful and left me wanting more.
After watching the movie I could not stop thinking about hopping on a plane
and visiting the beautiful towns that European villages have to offer.
I love how everyone over there seems so artistic
(at least in the movie they did)
I now not only want to learn to play the piano (which I keep asking guitar hero to teach me... when we actually buy a piano that is)
but I also want to learn how to paint (again), write poetry, work with clay, and most of all
learn to take stunning photographs with old vintage cameras
and even better if I could learn how to develop film in my own dark room.

I think my goal this weekend will be to take lots of photos of anything and everything!

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