Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Happy Birthday to ME, Happy Birthday to ME, Happy Brithday Dear ME... Happy Brithday toooooooo MEEEEEE

Today is my Birthday!!
I turned 24 today... YAY!
So, in honer of turning 24
I am going to make a list of
24 things I want to do before I turn 25.
(p.s. the birthday card
on the side
is from
my mom and dad...
isn't it so fitting)

1. I want to visit another country.

2. I want to find me and guitar hero's dream house

3. I want to become an awesome aunt

4. I want to send in some of my children's stories.

5. I want to take a vacation with my family

6. I want to learn to cook really healthy and yummy food

7. I want to throw a dinner a party to show of my new talents

8. I want to go in a hot air balloon

9. I want to find a really great red coat

10. I want to write more letters

11. I want to write a song with my guitar hero

12. I want to continue to blog on an (almost) daily basis

13. I still want to say and hear I love you everyday to guitar hero

14. I want to learn something new (sign language, self defenses, sewing) just anything new

15. I want to give back to the community... maybe volunteering with animals

16. I want to do more antique shopping

17. I want to carve pumpkins, go find the perfect Christmas tree, bake cookies ALL with my guitar hero this year!!!! (that's right guitar hero you have to do this with me ... even though I know you will)

18. I want to go watch a movie in the park (something they have in Nashville and I am just now learning about it)

19. I want to spend lots more time with my brother and sister this year... I just hate they live in two different states.

20. I want to take daily walks with my guitar hero (because he wants to...)

21. I want to enjoy each day to the fullest.

22. I want to take time and enjoy little things and be more "green"

23. I want to learn to be so non- materialistic (even if this means turning of my cell and computer for a day)

24. I want to enjoy being 24... because I'm only that age once!

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