Saturday, September 5, 2009

Love always, your princess.

Today is the day me and my wonderful guitar hero start writing to each other everyday he is away.

I started to realize that we do not have many pictures, or stories of us together to share to our children/grandchildren being that is his gone so much. So, to make up for that we have decided to write to each other everday he is on the road (do you like how I said "we" when you know I meant "I" ... but he kindly agreed to do it with me... so I can say we)

This way when we are old we can look back at them with our children/grandchildren and remember how hard it was being away from each other but how our love still grew everyday we were apart.

Do any of you lovebirds write love letters to each other?

Reminder: This month's book is eat, pray, love

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