Thursday, September 10, 2009

No need to design my dream home... it's already been built... seriously!

This post is so ironic. Lately, me and Guitar hero have been talking about building a dream home (but doesn't everyone). We like talking about the type of things we would want, him: a music studio in the backyard, Me: a huge kitchen with a LOTS of counter space, a real fireplace, a claw foot bathtub... yeah my list goes on. But, yesterday while we were at dinner I was telling him about my dream home I had designed when I was back in middle school and how it had an open space in the middle of the house where I would put a stone waterfall pool... and no kidding I was surfing the Internet today and found the house I had designed years ago. Can you believe it? I still have my floor plan for the house I designed... I am going to have to scan just to show you this person has seriously built my dream home.

(Images found here and here)

P.S. for those of you who guessed that my blog name came from Marry Poppins you got it right... I am very impressed!

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