Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Love is...

(Me and guitar hero with our "Tim Burton" cookie on a stick)

Love is... When he lets you cuddle up to him after not shaving your legs for a few days.

Love is... Sitting with each other to get their oil changed just so you can get some time together out of the house.

Love is... Letting them have the last bite of the cookie you shared (in this case, that would be me. But I know if I wanted it he would have given it to me in a heartbeat)

Love is... Being able to spend all day together doing nothing and it still be considered a wonderful day.

Love is... Hurting when the other is hurting.

Love is... Saying your prayers at night for them instead of yourself

Love is... dancing together... even when their is no music playing

Love is... taking time for each other out of your busy day because one needs comfort (Guitar hero actually does this a lot for me)

Love is... being able to be goofy with each other and laugh a lot

Love is... Hearing him from the living room (he thought I was asleep) sing the sweetest song while playing guitar and thinking to myself their is no other place in the world that could make me happier then having him home, playing my very on concert, from the comfort of my own bed... Life is bliss!

I have to know now...
What is Love to all of you?

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