Wednesday, November 11, 2009

needs a break.

Hey, everyone.
I have decided to take a little break from my blog.
I am not sure how long I will be away... probably not more then a week
but, I just need some time to myself.
I feel a bit overwhelmed.
Something, about blogging as become not so fun.
As much as I love it
I need to step back for a bit.

At first I started a blog just so I could have something to do while Tim (guitar hero)
was away and also, for our parents to keep up with us.
But it became so much better then I ever imagined.
I have made some great friends and have been inspired by so many wonderful people.

Then somewhere along the way I feel like blogs have become a bit more
of a popularity contest.
and to me that's not what it's about.
So, I just need a few days to step back and enjoy my time.
Instead of thinking what to post next on my blog,
what will be cool to blog about,
what picture can we take to look good on the blog.
It's almost as if the blog has taken over our life.
which has just taken the fun away.

Anyways, I will be back!
That is a sure thing.
Just need a break that's all.
Hope you forgive me.

The guitar's princess

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