Thursday, November 5, 2009

Still learning.

If any of you are in, or have ever been in a relationship
you will understand this.

When dating someone you have to learn to be us, or we
instead of me, and I.

We, (meaning Guitar hero and me)
still, to do this day struggle with this.
As much as we love, love, love giving to one another
we are both at the same time stubborn on the things He or I want.

Many of the things we have become stubborn over
has brought me to tears
him to frustration and silence
and many other "raw" moments.

But... that being said
we learn to work through it,
we learn to talk it out,
we learn to fix our problems,
even though
we are still working through it,
talking it out,
and trying to fix it,
which I am sure we will do all through our life's.

We are still doing it together

we are after all,
building a life


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