Friday, November 6, 2009

Who say's that you can't put up two tiny christmas trees before Thankgiving? All the stores are doing it!

I could not help myself.
I am just too excited for Christmas.

I did promise myself that guitar hero and I
would not buy a big Christmas tree until after Thanksgiving though.

I usually put up a tree on Thanksgiving
but this will be the first year we have a real tree.
So, therefore we will probably have to wait till the day after Thanksgiving to get it.

This, will also be our first real Christmas living together.
which means there is lots to get ready for


deciding our ornament colors.
where to put the tree.
learning each others Christmas traditions
and also,
starting our own.

I have to say, building a life together is so much fun.
I can't wait to see how our future grows
and how we make our relationship
"OUR" relationship such as little things as starting our own holiday traditions.

and with that being said
I would love to know...

What your holiday traditions are?
any ideas on ornament colors?
What was it like having your first Christmas as a couple?

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