Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas in the smokies! Part 2... Memories I am taking with me.

While watching Christmas in the smokies (a play we watch every year at dollywood) they were performing the most beautiful song with a piano in the background. When all a sudden Guitar Hero took my hand and started playing the keys on my arm in perfect unison as the song... it made the song and the play more lovely then I ever imagined possible.

Even though I am very sadden my sis and her Husband could not join us this year as well, as our mother I still have to say that spending time with just Guitar hero and Grandma made this trip very special and gave the chance for Grandma to get to know guitar hero a little better. Which leads me to my next memory I am taking with me...

While being introduced to some of the co-workers at Dollywood (my Grandmother works at Dollywood and has worked there for over 15 years) She introduced me as her grand daughter and Guitar hero as her future Grandson in law. How, cute is that? We are not even engaged. In fact no guy I have ever brought around my grandparents has been called that... she must know he is special.

Another memory to remember is watching Guitar Hero try to win me a stuffed Santa. Which he did... after two buckets full of balls. Ladies, he was determined to win me one... it was very sweet.

Something else, that I found to be memory worth was trying to teach my grandma to take a picture with a digital camera. It didn't seem to work but I nice lady next to us notice my grandmother's trouble with it and thought it was best she stepped in as our photographer for the time. Strangers really can be the sweetest.

and of course a memory I will never forget because it's the same every year and has been permanently imprinted into my head is the smells, the feel of cold weather on my noise, the simple country Christmas songs playing through-out the park in hidden speakers, the sounds of strangers laughing, the lights that backdrop every memory in mind and the people that join me every year. Dollywood will forever be a second home to me for the Holidays. There is no Christmas like a Christmas spent at Dollywood and I am so thankful I could share it with all you lovely readers and with Guitar Hero for a 2nd year in a row. I look forward to many more years there.

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