Thursday, December 31, 2009

Where I have been, and where am I going...

2009, what a year you have been... should we recap? I think so...

  1. It started with a Wish and THIS post...
  2. I learned that Guitar Hero's are cooler then Santa Claus
  3. I shared with the blog-world how we met
  4. I took a vote... and won!
  5. We played in the wild
  6. I shared the Pro's and Con's of dating a REAL life GUITAR HERO
  7. I learned what it's like to be alone when Guitar Hero is on tour.
  8. I made a Promise to him and Myself
  9. Close your eye's and I kiss you, tomorrow I'll miss you (the post that y'all liked most)
  10. What made Guitar Hero a Keeper
  11. Getting Personal
  12. Turning our House into a HOME here and here .... which I am STILL doing!
  13. SURVIVING CMA WEEK here, here, and here
  14. The excitement of knowing when I was going to be aunt.
  15. THis is STILL the same EVERY TIME!
  16. Love letters that kept him smiling on the road here, here, and here
  17. Giving YOU the Backstage pass!
  18. When I felt down he knew how to make me feel better again.
  19. We added to the family!
  20. He Turned 28 and I turned 24
  21. We shared OUR love for JOHNNY and JUNE here, and here
  22. We shared a dance backstage at the OPRY.
  23. We visited the KINGS house.
  24. THe things I do when he is away and the things I do when the his home.
  25. Guitar HERO got an exciting NEW job!
  26. We took a BEAUTIFUL trip to the MOUNTAINS here, here, here, here, and here
  27. I got to go to my first AWARD show!
  28. I shared with you the city we love and feel in love in!
  29. I learned what love is
  30. I discovered the best RECIPE of ALL!
  31. WE played dress up.. and had TONS of fun!
  32. We enjoyed the color's of fall
  33. I got to watch my beautiful sister turn into a beautiful mom!
  34. WE made our own vows... for now at least : )
  35. We enjoyed Christmas time starting our own traditions here, here, here and here
  36. AND of course Baby CONNER was welcomed

Overall 2009 was AMAZING and I look forward to seeing where 2010 takes us!

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