Monday, January 4, 2010

What goals can I set for myself this year?

While most people set goals that are usually boring and a drag to think about
ex. Losing weight
I want to set goals that will actually be fun
and that I will enjoy doing.
(even though I wish I had the drive to do goals like working out.. but I don't so I won't waste my time on that goal)

1. Take more pictures
2. Writing letters instead of e-mails ( I went and bought stamps today, so I am half way there)
3. Learn to save my money better (which I am pretty good at) so, that me and guitar hero can go on BIGGER and BETTER vacations this year!
4. Learn to try something new (new recipe maybe?)
5. Finish this house that I feel I have been decorating FOREVER!
6. and... learn not to want so much.

I think those are pretty simple goals for the year.
Don't you?

What are some goals you made for yourself?
Do you make goals or you against the whole New Years Resolutions?

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