Tuesday, April 27, 2010

baby talk..

It is unreal to me how fast babies grow up. It was just this past December I saw this cute little new born baby and less then months he has already changed so much. I hate that I don't I live close to my sis and nephew but thanks to the phone, facebook, and her blog I still feel like I get to keep up with this little rockstar's life. It was so funny the other day we are on the phone and I heard little Conner screaming in the background. I thought something bad had happened but my sis informed me that he had just discovered he had a voice and whenever she looks away from him, he beginnings to scream to get her attention and then starts giggling non-stop once he as her focus... too funny!

Speaking of babies, me and the guitar hero were at a cookout the other night and were surrounded by cute little kids and babies. I still can't believe that we are at that age now where all our friends are having kids and worrying about college funds, but I guess everybody comes to that point in their life. Even though we are no where near ready to have children or even talk of the idea we couldn't help but fall in love with one of the little boys at the cookout. Not only was he a super happy kid, he was memorized by guitar's. Every time he entered are room with a guitar he would crawl to it so fast and his eye's would blow up the size of balloons. He was so funny and cute to watch. Not to mention, watching guitar hero fall in love with this little boy and his excitement for guitar's. I think it got him excited at the idea a baby could love something as much as him and maybe got me a tad bit excited that I could give he something as special as a little boy to share his guitar passion's with.

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