Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Let's be friends.

Lately, I feel like you all have been getting more, and more
personal with your comments.
Like y'all are really starting to bond with me.
It nice to know I have readers that keep up with me daily, weekly, monthly
instead of being someone who just passes by for a minute.

It truly is flattering.
and I'm really starting to recognize a lot of you, when you comment.
but that's not enough...

Y'all know so much about me
but I want to know about you...

Please, feel free to tell me whatever you want.
Like where your from? any kids? married? hobbies?
anything interesting about yourself I would love to know.
Even if it is as random as telling me your favorite song
or a t.v. show you love.

I just want to know you all a little more.
So, how about... friend?

P.S. don't forget to vote for my nephew in the link below.

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