Monday, October 18, 2010

Just a few more weeks...

and this little rockstar gets to call us home.!

We are so thrilled to be bringing home a new little addition to the family.
It's all we keep talking about. Guitar Hero, has never had a dog growing up
so he is a tad bit nervous, especially with all the stories he keeps hearing
but I am sure in no time all those worries will go right out the window when we get him home!

We have been planning for this little guys arrival, as if we are brining home a baby.
Shopping for things we will need, preparing the house,
and making sure we both agree on the new rules that will take place
(mostly me, because I am a sucker for giving in to cuteness)
and of course thinking of a name that this little guy will live with forever.
That is probably the hardest part of all this to be honest.
Funny thing is we have names picked out for future children
"if" we decide to have them
but when it comes to a dog name
we can't agree on anything.
Good thing we have a couple of weeks.

and I am very sorry in advance because this little guy
will be sure to get lots of doggy attention here on the blog.

P.S. Just in case anyone ask, he is a pure breed doberman

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