Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A little update and a few pictures from this weekend.

Now, before I go gushing over Encore, our dog (see post below) with a thousand pictures and updates on our daily adventures, I must share with you some other adventures I had this past weekend. Which included family, babies, old friends and new friends, road trips, and lots and lots of food. So, be sure to look back often.

But before I get into all that, can I just say Encore is the best puppy in the world! Seriously, within one minute he stole my heart and even Guitar Hero's, who wasn't all that excited for the new addition. I can say with total confidence though, that changed when the puppy took an instant likely to him within minutes and kept staring up at Guitar Hero to pick him up (total gushing moment). And then I really new the liking was mutual between them when Guitar Hero gave up driving the last hour back home just so he could sit in the back seat with the puppy. and he NEVER lets me drive. Yup, this dog is seriously already loved like crazy.

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