Monday, November 22, 2010

One week ago today...

This little bundle of joy, joined our family. And I can't deny he has already captured the hearts of everyone he meets. Including those who thought loving a dog wasn't even possible. Yes, I am talking about Guitar Hero. But he is still a puppy, and you know what that means... Learning on both ends. Yes, that means Guitar Hero and I are learning just as he is.

For starters we are having to learn to put our shoes away and this does not mean just move them up on a chair or couch... it's only seconds before he gets them again, that potty breaks for a puppy come a more often then you can imagine, that locking him in the cage when we leave isn't a bad thing, it's a learning thing, and when letting him do something, like sleeping on couch makes him believe that he can do this whenever he likes.

He on the other hand has much more to learn. Like... how the chew toys are for helping his teething and not mommy's shoes or for that matter her hands and feet, that after he goes potty he should maybe step forward instead of back into his pee, how running in front of me when I am on the go might not always mean I see him till the aftermath of him getting knocked over, how the cats may be his size but doesn't mean that they want to be play buddies, and of course how the sounds coming from dads room (meaning guitar sounds) is not a bad or scary thing.

But when it's all said and done, I see this being a great addition to our family and I look forward to many, many years of all the memories we are going to share with our baby, Encore.

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