Monday, January 24, 2011

The word "NO!"

The other day, my sissy had me rolling in laughter over my little nephew, Conner's updates. I love hearing how he is so different every week. It's almost unreal how fast kids learn, change, and grow. For instance, it's only been 3 weeks since I have seen him and he already has a full head of hair compared to last time.

However, the part that got me laughing was the word "NO" she has been trying to teach him. He his in testing stage and seeing how far he can push his mamas buttons. It use to be where when she said the word "NO!" he would stop what he was doing and find something else. As of now, when she says "NO!" he usually tries smacking her hand and keeps on at it. Now, I don't have kids so it is easy for me to laugh at this (of course never in front of Conner) but I know this must be a hard and frustrating age to deal with and my sissy Brandi is such a wonderful mother and is actually raising an amazing son. I look forward to watching her become a mother of a 2nd child and see how gracefully she will handle two kids.

All pictures were stolen off my sissy facebook account and the one below was just too funny not to post. That is my sissy and their dog, Cash, pretty much caught in the act of the crime.

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