Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Me and Guitar Hero.

I really do not know how to start this but here goes nothing....

Me and Guitar hero are wonderful... more then wonderful! Yes, I have been away a lot but this has nothing to do with me and Guitar Hero. I have said before he is busy. It's hard to explain because not living in the everyday music world you would not understand a lot of things he is doing if I told you (not trying to sound mean). I am so very, very, very happy for him but it has made him very busy. So most of our time is spent eating out to get a quick bite and time together or just sitting around watching movies just to relax... nothing much to post about.

Also, to be very honest I have been very private about a lot of things ever since we have been robbed if you notice. Not that the robbing had anything to do with my blog but since then I have been weirded out and being a girl who has a guy gone all the time, I think its best I keep things private now. I am sorry you all have been left out of the loop on a lot of things but really I can not say enough how much me and Guitar Hero are happy and still in love.

I love blogging but mainly for me and Guitar Hero. I did not start this blog for anybody but us to keep memories of our days together and apart. I love that you all are here and that you enjoy reading our post... but honestly, people assuming something is wrong with me and Guitar Hero is just sad.

I have even been debating on the fact of taking our blog private time and time again just so I can share more personal things on here for him and me. But I have decided to keep it public for you all and just blog more things that arn't as personal...

As for me, I am busy keeping up a household, two cats, a puppy (which is lots of work), a job, learning photography, and some other things not ready to post about yet.

I am truly sorry for not being around more but I hope you all understand a little better on my reasons why the blog has changed. I also, hope this post did not come off harsh... I just don't want to explain myself anymore.

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