Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My weekend {in words}

First and foremost I forgot my camera

Guitar Hero was sweet enough to watch Encore for me, so that I could go to KY to visit some friends but most of all my little nephew!

There was lots and lots of eating... Red Lobster, Longhorn (yum), Dewey's pizza, and my all time favorite... GRATERS ICE CREAM (it's a Northern KY, OH thing) and no I did not care that it snowed and was below freezing the whole time. I just had to have that Ice Cream.

There was lots of cuddling, squeezing, gushing, and hoarding of my little nephew. Who also, loved blowing his Aunt NeNe kisses from across he room (stole my heart every time)

Realizing how many truly amazing people I have in my life. Aunt Beth, Brandi, Uncle Ray, Carol, Chris, Conner, Dustin just to name a few. Y'all all my visit so wonderful.

Picking up on old traditions that made me feel like I never moved away.

Discovering new places like the blind lemon that made me feel as if I was in Europe (without a doubt the neatest place I have been in america) good drinks, good convo, and good music that reminded me of Guitar Hero helped that judging though.

Taking Conner to a friends house who has a little girl about 3 months older then him and watching how they took to each other. This is the one thing that kills me that I did not have a camera for. She feed him, he shared his hat with her, she pulled him around to the point he was glued to her, and watching them play together... such a fun play date!

Having another friends daughter help me get ready in the bathroom by putting on my makeup and hair spraying my hair and then referring to me as "that women" because she could not remember my name. So cute and helpful.

Toddler dances... no better way to dance then with cute little toddlers!

Getting my hair dyed black but finally actually getting time with my brothers girlfriend, who did my hair. Love her and Loved the gift she made for me and Guitar Hero (pictures of both, hair and gift coming soon)

and last but most definitely not least, my sissy asking me to join her at the doctors so I can hear the heartbeat of my future little niece/nephew. What an amazing treat.

I wish so badly I could have captured more of all this with my camera but no use crying over it now, but believe me that will be the last time I ever forget my camera! Hope you all have had a good week or however long I have been away. So sorry for the silence around here. Me and Guitar Hero have just been busy (touring season starting back) but once we get caught up with things you will be seeing lots more. This is my journal and sometimes I just go awhile not documenting. Does not mean anything is wrong just means life is kinda busy.

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