Thursday, February 24, 2011

what we have been doing.

There seems to be a lot of questions why I am not blogging and for some reason almost everyone who ask seems to think it has to do with Guitar Hero and me... no matter how many times I have said it doesn't. So here it is, what we have been doing...

Guitar Hero is working on lots of projects that have him working up to 12hrs in one day sometimes. Which leaves little time for us to do anything but just relax together (not interesting things to post about truth be told) On top of him just being away on tour. Which is why valentines did not have much of a post, nor new years, and lots of other post lately.

We also, have been trying to cut back on doing things so that we can save up money to get a new house. Something a little bigger that might be more welcoming for kids ONE DAY (now does that sound like we are having problems)

I am in the process of a new and exciting job that my aunt is opening up downtown (which I am not ready to talk about yet) On top of working the job I have now and learning some photography (hence why lots of my pictures have been more artistic then of me and guitar hero)

We have been talking of the idea of getting a second dog for our Encore to play with. Watching him play with the neighbors dog is the cutest thing ever and we want him to have full time playmate... just trying to decide when will be best for us to add another one.

There are just lots of little things I can talk about that have us busy. Most of it is just everyday life. I can not say enough how much I love blogging and how flattered I am that you all read my blog. However, sometimes other things just become more important. My blog has been put on the back burner a lot lately. I do not like that I have been doing that and I don't plan on leaving it. I just need a break sometimes, I need to be inspired but life is just ordinary for us right now and those things don't get me excited to blog.

As for me and Guitar Hero we are doing wonderful. He surprised me yesterday by saying he bought a plane ticket home early so that he can spend some extra time with me and my family while they are in town. What can I say...we are happy and granted we are not perfect and we have disagreements at times but nothing worth us giving up on.

Now, hopefully you all have a little more insight on our life right now and will finally understand that he is still my hero and I am still his princess and we are not planning on going anywhere away from this blog for a long, long time. We are just trying to focus on other things that have us blogging a little slowly these past few months.

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