Tuesday, March 15, 2011


This post is way past due:

But here are two pieces of art work that people have made for me and Guitar Hero.
The one on the left was made by a very talented girl. Who I have seem to lost her info and feel terrible about. If you are reading this please contact me so I can give you the credit you deserve.
The one of the left was made by my bother's beautiful girlfriend. And it meant so much to us that she took the time to do this. She even picked the colors of our house to use for the letters and right us room to add a picture (which is the first picture we ever took together) Thank you Laurie.

I am so grateful to have met such wonderful people through this blog and to receive such nice things, along with such nice comments and e-mails. Thinking back on when I first started this blog, I would have never pictured it going the way it did and feeling the way I do about it now. It has become my baby, my identity in ways. My blog is the topic of the family a lot of times, the things my friends brag about to other people (funny I know), along with history of me and Guitar Hero. I love looking back at old post and feeling things the way I did then all over again. But most of all I just love having my Guitar Hero and life to blog about and people I have met along the way becoming a little bit apart of our lives. Thank you so much for being here!

(sorry for the glare on both pictures, I don't know how to use the scanner lol)

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