Monday, April 11, 2011

Going out in my red lipstick, after soaking up some sun rays!

The beginning of weekend was spent with me, the book, a dog, and two cats. Which was nice but still always better to have the Guitar Hero home. I spent most of my time outside, catching some sun rays, and throwing the ball to the dog. In the evenings, I watched you've got mail... a lot! I can never watch that movie too many times. I love it so much.

Sunday, Guitar Hero was home so we spent it downtown on broadway with some good friends. I love when we can have a huge group get together in this town. It's rare, since everyone we know works on the road in some band. So, for everyone to be in town on the same night was a nice treat. So, nice in fact... I had to bring out the red lips! We also, had to eat at our favorite restaurant, Big River!

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