Wednesday, April 6, 2011

recap, of my weekend {a few days late}

My mom came to visit me, which was by far the highlight of my weekend. But here are a few other things that made it great....

1. Encore, showing off in the pond {which he knows, is a no no}
2. The color of orange in my front yard
3. The pretty lilac tree blooming next to our house
4. My awesome new sunglass, with a rockstar bow on the side
5. Spending part of our afternoon in the kids book section
6. Finding a book on how to become a princess {thinking I really need to go back and buy it}
7. The awesome yellow apron, that would make any women want to cook
8. and waking up to sleeping cats next to me

Also, there was cake pops, twice baked potatoes {my all time favorite thing my mom makes} lots of movie watching, great vintage finds, and girl talk.

I wish every weekend could be like this one.

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