Friday, May 6, 2011

Boy or Girl, that is the question?

I had totally forgotten about this picture from when my sissy visited a few weeks ago. This was while we were shopping in target, we had made our way to the baby/kid section. I love these sections in stores but I always feel weird without a kid or a baby bump thankfully, I had her next to me to able to ewww and awww over all the cute little outfits.

This pregnancy of hers has been lots of fun, since they have decided to wait to find out the sex of the baby. I feel like it makes that phone call I will get even more exciting and special because I will be very anxious to hear if it's a boy or girl.

Guitar Hero and me have discussed if we ever decided to have kids if he would want to know the sex...he said "yes, no way I would want to wait" then again he hates surprises. I however, would love to wait to find out the sex. Maybe, If we do have kids he can find out and I will wait... he just better not spoil it for me (which actually could really work, since he is good at keeping his mouth shut, I on the other hand would let it slip out)

How about you all... would you want to wait or know? or did you wait or find out early?

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