Monday, May 30, 2011

Encore shares his weekend...

Hi there,

Encore here. Mom is letting me write, since I was getting jealous of all the other famous dogs getting there own internet time.

This week has had tons of outside play for my mom and dad. Usually, they just let me out to play with the dog next door but I guess they were getting jealous of my time so they decided to join. Mom doesn't last as long as dad though. Something about bug bites all over her legs and those cicadas. In fact she hates those things so much she starts screaming and waving her hands like a crazy lady whenever I go to chase them. I keep trying to show her they taste good but I don't think she is buying it. Even Dad tried to convince her they are a delicacy in some countries. Still she screams. I guess I can't blame her though. She did get attacked by two of them on our walk the other day.

Speaking of walking, that is my new favorite thing. I use to be scared of leash because I thought it meant getting in the car. But now I get excited. The only bad thing about it is mom and dad have a hard time keeping up and they are heavy to pull. It sometimes feels like I am walking them then the other way around. Except for that time mom had to drag me down the street because I wanted to stop and get a better look at this dog coming up to me. I had never seen anything like it. It was 10 times my size and had the longest nose and tail compaired to me. Mom kept calling it a horse the whole time and then I had to listen to her complain the whole way home how upset she was she didn't have her camera (story of her life).

Dad has been great though. I love having him home to play with, plus I think mom really likes it too. Not to mention he can throw the ball better then her when we play. He did try to steal my seat during movie night next to mom. Not sure what he was thinking. He knows me mom always get the couch together and he gets the chair. I mean geez I let you sleep next to her in the bed, is that not enough old man?! I let it go this time but next time I am not so sure.

Well, thanks for letting me share my side of the story. This was fun. Maybe mom will let me do it again.


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