Monday, May 16, 2011

The most relaxing weekend.. ever! (and an encore story that will make you scream)

Hello Loves, I know, I know... where have I been, your thinking! I have to say I loved this past few days. I took a break from blogging, my camera for the most part, the computer, the t.v., facebook and so on. I enjoyed it so much! Sometimes you just have to step away and relax. Which is exactly what I did!

I spent the past few days with my nose stuck in books, cooking, and telling stories with my Nana, who came to visit me. It was lovely considering the weather has been awful and chilly here.

I made a pot roast in our new crock pot (which I am in love with) and in return Guitar Hero took me on a little date to the movies (which we never do.. mainly because I am not a fan of theaters but sometimes its a nice thing to do together). We saw something borrowed, I just read the book (which of course was better) but we laughed till we cried in some parts. We might have even had so much fun on our little movie date that we are considering going twice this week and catching water for elephants. Anyone seen it yet?

O, and my nana made our favorite pound cake when she visited... we are like seriously in love with this recipe!!!!

As for a story that will make you scream... Encore went out for is regular potty break right before bed. When he had returned to the porch with what appeared to be a stick in his mouth my nana went to grab it and quickly realized it was.... A SNAKE!!!! Needless to say there was lots of screaming!!!!

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