Monday, May 2, 2011

Not the weekend I planned for...

Over the weekend a lot of things happened. Things you are never really ready for..

On Saturday, I got a phone call from my dad saying our family cat of 19years was put down. It was something we all knew was coming soon but you never want to think about. She was very much loved and spoiled so it helped knowing her life was a good life but it will be weird not seeing her when I visit my parents. RIP, Miss Agatha.

Then on Sunday morning I got another phone call from my dad saying, my brother had been in a car wreak and was air lifted to the hospital. Talk about putting your life in prospective! Thankfully, he is ok but without his seat belt this would have been a much different day. He is in a lot of pain and was cut up and bruised really bad. They thought he had broken his collarbone and his hip but that looks to be ok. I am hoping they release him from the hospital today but we are still waiting to hear. I could not imagine my life without my brother. He is amazing person and my rock of support. I am so very thankful for him and our close relationship.

So, with that being said. Everyone just needs to go tell someone they love them. Because you really never know what can happen in a blink of an eye. This weekend and been a real eye opener for me and made me thankful for all the people that I have in my life.... including my lovely readers.

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