Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A little behind.

I feel so behind on post. In fact these pictures were taken last week when my mom was in town. We had enjoyed a nice quite evening on the back porch watching lighting bugs and sipping on daiquiris.. which seems like forever ago now.

I still have a ton of video to upload and to make into little videos for y'all to watch from CMA Fest which I am hoping I get done this week. I am just sorry I am behind. But I do have some good excuses. Encore, had been at a doggy boot camp for over a week so when we got him back we have been doing nothing but giving him our full attention, then he got sick again but we are for sure we got it taken care of this time. And if that is not enough Guitar Hero has a lot going on and is about to get busier then he has ever been since we have dated, so our time together is precious and I don't want to spoil with my face behind a camera. So bare with me and hope to have so video coming your way real soon...

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