Wednesday, August 3, 2011

In the kitchen with my dad.

The one meal I wanted to learn to cook more then any other in our house, was my dad's chinese. It took me all the way up to my last few years living with my parents to get the courage to try it (I was (am) a picky eater) but once I tried it, I found it to be delicious and I wanted to eat it at least once a week. It's the one meal I pride myself in making for guest and since my dad is the one that taught me how to make it, it was only fitting that we cook chinese together.

Cooking with my dad is an event. He truly loves the art of cooking, and prepping a meal. From colors in the food to the taste at the end. I have learned a lot from my dad and Im thrilled to learn even more with this visit. Be prepared for more food post, is what I guess I am saying.

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