Monday, August 8, 2011

Small town

Saturday, did not go as we had planned. That is not necessary a bad thing though, we had planned on seeing some wild animals but the weather had another idea for us. So, with rain in the forecast me and my mother decided maybe a little shopping in a small town is just what we needed.

About an hour after driving on some of the prettiest back roads (where I saw donkeys) we came up to the lovely little town of Hogansville. It was no bigger then a block but both sides of the streets were filled with charming little stores. Full of antiques and unique treasures. Where I scored two of the best items I ever bought, a cook book full of recipes from the greatest hotels and restaurants around the world from the 1960's. Which I got for $4 might I add and the other I can't share... yet. It is a birthday gift for Guitar Hero but I promise once you see it, you will know what I am talking about on scoring awesome finds!

The people in Hogansville were as lovely as their stores. I have never met so many friendly people. All wanting to talk and share stories of their town that they take some much pride in. One of my favorite places, was the Hogansville Cafe & Diner (pictured below) it is owned by a couple from Greece. Everyone in town told us is was THE PLACE to eat if we were staying for lunch, and they were right. I was not daring enough to try the Greek food (wishing I had) but it was filled with locals all shouting across tables to each other and praising aloud how amazing their food was over and over (remind you these people eat here everyday they said almost). But what stole my heart the most with this little dinner was the Greek couple. They were loud and funny and had the thickest accents I have ever heard! It is worth going back again and again.

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