Friday, August 6, 2010


This probably goes down as one of my favorite family photos.
Ever since I was a little girl, seeing this picture has made me want to learn
as much as I could about man above, my great grandfather.

He died when I was only 2, so I never got know him but the stories I hear
from other family members lets me know
we would have been great friends!

Not only was he preacher, a husband, and a father, he was a man
with great style and a good heart.
I always hear stories from my dad about how he
would take all the kids out in his old beat up truck and teach them to drive.
But instead of talking them thru it, he simply just sat in the passenger seat
put his hat over his eyes and would say, "he was going to take a nap that they
are on their own". He had a lot of trust I guess you could say.
In fact trust was such a BIG deal to him, that he once
killed one of his chickens just because when
he went to reach for an egg under her he found a snake instead and he said "no good chicken
would ever just let a snake get to her eggs".

Just looking at that photo makes me think of all the stories
of the man I never really got me know but really got to love.
I miss him, and wish I had my own stories to tell but I know the stories
that my Nana, and my dad, and the rest of family shared,
Will be told over and over for me to share later on and just like that
he will forever be remembered and live on for generations to come.

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