Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween is just around the corner...

With Halloween being just around the corner, Guitar Hero and I
have been thinking seriously about our costumes.
I had a plan for us months before now, but we are having a hard time
with finding what we need to make it happen.
Thankfully, we have a couple of over ideas that might work.

I on the other hand, have been trying out other looks on my own.
If many of you know me, you know I love makeup
and trying new things, so when I discovered this girl
I was anxious to try her makeup tips and so far
they have come out pretty good (or creepy)
I can't wait to try more of the looks out she as done.
What should I do next?
Guitar Hero is all about some Snow White. (he has been around me too long)

By the way, what are you dressing up as this year?

Friday, October 22, 2010

Lovely fall weekends.

Hope everyone has a beautiful weekend. Ours will be spent mostly outside, for sure.
Just look at how lovely Nashville is starting to look, now that fall has decided
to come visit.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dear Fall,

So nice of you to join us, and to finally start showing your true colors. I have been awaiting your arrival for quite some time, now.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Just a few more weeks...

and this little rockstar gets to call us home.!

We are so thrilled to be bringing home a new little addition to the family.
It's all we keep talking about. Guitar Hero, has never had a dog growing up
so he is a tad bit nervous, especially with all the stories he keeps hearing
but I am sure in no time all those worries will go right out the window when we get him home!

We have been planning for this little guys arrival, as if we are brining home a baby.
Shopping for things we will need, preparing the house,
and making sure we both agree on the new rules that will take place
(mostly me, because I am a sucker for giving in to cuteness)
and of course thinking of a name that this little guy will live with forever.
That is probably the hardest part of all this to be honest.
Funny thing is we have names picked out for future children
"if" we decide to have them
but when it comes to a dog name
we can't agree on anything.
Good thing we have a couple of weeks.

and I am very sorry in advance because this little guy
will be sure to get lots of doggy attention here on the blog.

P.S. Just in case anyone ask, he is a pure breed doberman

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Chihuly at Cheekwood in pictures

Sorry once again...
these photos aren't my greatest.
Hopefully, soon I will have a good camera again.
As for now though I am getting by.

Also, I posted 3 post this morning
doing the best I can to take advantage of my computer time.
I will start blogging full time come November
so please don't give up on me yet.
I have lots of exciting post yet to come... that's a promise : )

Conner and little moments

I never really knew how fun babies could be till little Conner came along. Sure they are cute and fun to hold but there is something special about babies you call family and maybe there is something special about watching family become softies with babies they are related to. Like, watching my dad, brother, and guitar hero with him. I never seen seen such heartwarming moments. It truly was amazing to witness. In fact I got teary-eyed a few times. On the other hand watching Conner with our Great Dane was not as great. Ivy (our great dane) was not as pleased to have Conner around. Maybe it was because Conner was obsessed with crawling under her, over her, and around her or maybe it was the fact that she was not the only baby in the house getting all the attention but whatever it was I am sure she was happy for him to leave.

Babies and Guitars

Two weeks ago,
my little rock-star nephew came to visit me.
I was thrilled to see him (3 months is way to long to be apart)
Watching him bond with guitar hero
and seeing them share a love for music
was priceless.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

pumpkin patch.

Can I just start off by saying thank you for all your sweet and concerned comments. Y'all just made me so happy. I am just sorry it has taken me so long to blog again and sadly the wait is not over. Getting my stuff re-placed is taking forever but for tonight, I have a computer, so I am making use of it by blogging to you all.

As you can see, we have gone on with our daily adventures and this time was to a pumpkin patch. After guitar hero took me to one last year, I insisted that we do the same again this year. So, we found a cute little farm near Nashville, with farm animals, hayrides, yummy food, and of course pumpkins. The only down part is the pumpkins were already off the the vines. For some reason I find actually picking my pumpkin off the vine so much more fun then just grabbing one that has already been picked. O, well I am still pleased with my cute little pumpkin and look forward to carving it in a days.

Hope you all are doing well and hopefully I will be back sometime next week.
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